Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Thursday Buzz

  • Friend's in town visiting. I always forget what a great place Philly is 'til I walk around with someone who's never been here. Quaint, cute, walkable, old fashioned - Philly's great!
  • The washing machine that broke months and months ago in our basement and then they couldn't get it out disappeared the other day! So much more room in my basement now!
  • New lab moved onto our floor. I think there's going to be a little elbowing around until things get settled. Hopefully it will lead to good relations.
  • It's supposed to storm like crazy for the next 3 days. Why does this always happen when people come to visit?
  • We're headed to the Berkshires in 2.5 weeks - I can't wait!
  • Trying to purchase a ticket to my friend's wedding in Aug in the Bay. Can you believe how expensive tickets are? We're looking at paying around $500/ticket just to fly there. I'm sorry, but should it cost over $1000 to go to a wedding?
  • We've been going nuts with planting things in our backyard. We've got two types of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and a couple flower plants. I love how our tiny yard looks and am so excited we might have a "harvest" this year! Farmer Brown has been diligently watering all the plants every morning and night and checking on them daily. We report things to each other like: "Did you see the new flower on the zucchini plant?" or "Have you seen how big the peppers are?" It's actually kinda fun to watch stuff grow.
And I think that's all folks. Have a good'un!

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Farmer Brown.