Monday, October 6, 2008

At loggerheads

Dude, now what am I supposed to do? My two favorite teams are playing each other FOR THE CHANCE TO GO TO THE WORLD SERIES? I can't choose. And I can't get involved in why one or another should win. Because I want them both to win. I grew up with the Dodgers, loving the games, memorizing the players, listening to Doug scream and yell. It's great. But I love this city and I love what good sports does for this city - I love the positive attention, the good press, the coming together of all parts, all sides of the city that are normally at odds. I love that it's the top story on the news, that the ball players are all over the news, promoting their causes and going to the local schools and hospitals. I think I love it because I am witnessing it firsthand, and while I grew up close to LA, I was never in the neighborhood of the stadium. I've been to Phillies games this year, whereas my last Dodgers game was last year (when they played the Phils!). Oh, in conflict, I have no idea where to go with this. I suppose the upside is that one of my favorite teams will go to the World Series. That's gotta mean something. (And I have to say, it's still a little weird to see Manny and Nomar and Joe Torre in Dodgers uniforms!)


Randi said...

Funny... I would think the Philly Phanatic would answer that question easily for you....


Buzz said...

You know what? Doug yells at the Angles too.

That's what I learned on Friday night.

And it's alllll good.