Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When did it get to be OCTOBER?

Seriously, where has the time gone? I have no idea when and how it got to be October. All of a sudden I'm thinking about buying tickets home (which, BTW are ATROCIOUSLY priced) for the holidays and all the shit I should buy for people. And realistically? I'd just like to stay here. I have been to CA a total of 3 times this year and I feel it's a bit much. I'd much rather stay here and get to kinda relax and hang out at my house than travel all the way across the country in the craptastic holiday season. Jaded, much? Perhaps I just traveled too much this year. The weather is slowly starting to change around here and the leaves on the trees are almost at peak color right now. The weather has been gloriously warm and inviting, but will soon change to a high of 55 this weekend. I like fall and all, but, man, do I hate winter. Apparently, this has turned into a bitching blog all of a sudden. (Ha! like I don't bitch, like, every day!). Oh well, so here's some bullets about stuff I'm thinking about...

  • one of my friends works at an architecture firm here in Philly. He just had to lay off 2 workers because of the downturn in the economy. Scary, eh?
  • My labmate is gone to Europe for two more glorious days. I love it! I can listen to whatever crackheaded music I want!
  • More and more, I wish I had a car to get out of the city and check out the surroundings. I think I'm missing out on a lot of stuff by not being able to leave the city. But then parking's a bitch and I can't afford it...blech.
  • Jeez, my birthday's coming up! Can't believe I'm gonna be a year older! And wiser, too, right?
All right, that's all I got (not much). Have a lover-ly day!


Randi said...

I totally feel like veto-ing Xmas this year too. We finally got ma to forgo stockings so technically I only have to buy ONE gift this Christmas for the exchange.
Sorry, friends. You get NOTHING from me.

Coodence said...

Don't go to California for Christmas! Go in January, it's much cheaper, the winter will be so much worse by that time, and you'll still get to see your familials.