Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Politics as usual Tuesday

Dudes, I don't even know where to start today. It seems like overnight all the problems of the world are coming to a head and nobody seems to know what's going on or where to go. The economy is in a shambles and more and more people keep thinking that this will not only be a recession (which I have lived through), but a depression (which I have not lived through, but I've heard enough about that I don't want to!). The global nature of our economy had led to the tanking of banks around the globe, especially in Europe, where they have a centralized monetary system, but not yet a centralized banking system, leading to questions of where money will come from to back up failing banks and investments. This situation calls for obvious leadership, small goals, baby steps, if you will, at getting our economy to recover. I have not yet found a satisfying answer as to what the bailout plan is and why it's needed (they tell me I need it, but nobody can explain it!) and even WITH the bailout plan, Wall St is still tanking and more and more people are claiming that there will be more bank failures and more investment funds failures. I really thought that Bear Stearns failure was the culmination of laziness, lax investments, poor choices and then the running up of the rumor mill, but it's become obvious that it was merely the tip of the iceberg. And what about "Joe Sixpack"? What about the rest of us who make middle class incomes who live on "Main St" and who are taking a hit every which way for things we have no control over? What about the rest of us, who have been resposible with our money, who carry student loans, but not home loans? Who can barely afford food and clothes for the upcoming winter? What about our parents who are retired and on a fixed income?What about my cousin who's a new mother and a teacher who's now considering taking a SECOND job because her and her husband can't afford the basic needs for their kid? I know that a lot of us have parents or siblings or friends who might be able to help us out in a rough patch when we need a hand. I know that I am far better off than a lot of other Americans. But I am really hoping the polls are right going into this election. We can't have more of the same. We can't have more republican failed economic policies!
PS: Yes, we can.
PPS: if you want to watch an interesting documentary on the types of failed economic policies John McCain supports and would presumably enact during his presidency, go here.

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