Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Review Thursday

I just had the pleasure of completing a book recommended several months ago by Cod. She recommended Personal History by Katherine Graham, an autobiography written by the Washington Post publisher near the end of her life. I checked this book out of the library right before my trip to Germany. At over 600 pages, I figured I couldn't go wrong by taking it with me for the long flight. The truth is that I've been reading it ever since (shows you how much time I have to read for pleasure, eh?). This book was really phenomenal and something that, towards the end, I just could not put down. As one of the first women in business during the 60s (not really by choice, either), Kay Graham made a way for herself and her family to still own and manage the Washington Post Company and all that it entails. She is very modest and honest in her book, even though she was able to essentially break that glass ceiling that women were unable to do back then (oh, yeah, and she knew all the presidents personally!). She was involved in Watergate, publishing of the Pentagon Papers as well as a pressmen's strike that led to some very interesting stories about a business I am not very familiar with. It was a touching and lovely story of a life well lived and a very interesting read, especially for women trying to crack that glass ceiling or trying to move up in a man's world. I second Cod's recommendation!

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Coodence said...

Dude! So good, right? I'm glad you liked it!!