Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

Courtesy of Coodence:

The Good:
We went dancing last night for our dance lessons, and we really ended up having a blast! We've started improving pretty quickly, which is awesome. It's only taken 9 or 10 lessons! Ha! The cool thing is once you get the hang of the dance, you can just shut off your brain and just enjoy the music and add in a couple little fun moves just to have a good time. Our teacher even played some Madonna for us, which made it lots of fun since I could remember dancing around my bedroom to her music when I was a kid. Then we took another class on Blues dancing, which turned out to be pretty fun and unstructured. I am really loving dance and I'm hoping we can do some more classes like that one.

The Bad:
I got new dance shoes the other day, and I'm trying to get used to them, but it's kinda hard. Firstly, I don't wear high heels, so my balance is off. Secondly, they're new shoes, so I haven't broken them in yet. Sadly, I'm nursing some ugly blisters on my toes. Am considering buying some dance socks, just till I break in the shoes. I know, I know. Socks with high heels are a terrible idea.

The Ugly:
This morning, as the coffee was being loaded into the pot, Moue ran across the kitchen and shoved herself behind the refrigerator, with a lot of noise and fanfare. Shortly afterward, I saw a big old mouse run across the kitchen and underneath the stove. While I'm glad Moue was on mouse patrol, I'm not too happy that there are rodents in my kitchen. I haven't seen any droppings or evidence of their presence before, so I am hoping this is just a dumb mouse. I also don't want to come home to a gift on my pillow. Yuck!

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Coodence said...

UGH DUDE. I am like mortally terrified of mice and have had them in two of my four apts in NYC. Good luck and god speed.