Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Numbers

Welcome back to Monday, folks. Here's an idea of what went on this weekend:
  • we rand a bunch of errands on Saturday that included about 10 miles of biking. 
  • I purchased two new pairs of shoes, one for dance and one for the new bike. 
  • We took a dance class called Salsa 101 and I think we finally figured out some of the basics we've been struggling with lately.
  • I ordered proofs for 2 or 3 "Save the Date" cards, so we'll see if we like any of them.
  • Alex went for a 100-mile bike ride yesterday, so he was gone from 7am until about 6pm. He came back smelly, exhausted and tired. I spent the day doing about 7 loads of laundry, running about 5 miles and chatting with a few neighbors. Man, is it nice to have a Sunday off where I don't have to go into work!
  • We decided to start the whole "registry" process at two stores. One was Macy's, which took about one hour since the lady had no idea how to enter in our info. The other place was Fante's, one of the oldest cooking stores in Philly (it's 106 years old according to a staff member!). It's located in the Italian Market area, and it's one of those cramped, uneven, city stores with more stuff crammed into that store than you thought possible. I'm not sure it will work out since they don't have their registries online.
  • Made one batch of pesto, which included one of our 10 or so basil plants in the backyard. I have a feeling more pesto is in my near future!
  • Bout two new pedals for my new road bike. Alex tried to get the old pedals off, and one would not come off, no matter how hard he tried! So, I'm scheduled for a bike fix and fitting this Wed at 5:30. Should be interesting. Not only will the ride there be interesting (rush hour traffic in Philly is not my forté) but they are going to measure my legs and arms and torso and set up the bike for my size and height. 
  • Watched two Phillies games, one where they lost, 4-3 and one where they one 1-6. Also watched one Eagles game (they won that one) and one Vikings game. Altogether, this weekend included a lot of sports watching.

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