Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
We checked out the "Terror Behind the Walls" at Eastern State Penitentiary the other night, and, man! was that fun! The whole place is an abandoned prison built sometime in the early 1800s and was abandoned in the 1970s. It's a totally imposing structure, and super spooky. They offer daytime tours, and during the fall season, they put on this "Terror Behind the Walls" with differently themed areas to walk through. It was both scary and hysterical (are those emotions even close to each other?). I had "prisoners" follow me, and talk into my ear, people jump out at me, and there was even a rad 3-D part, which was great. The whole night was super fun, and the money goes to support the preservation of this super cool place that used to be a prison. Great time all around.

The Bad:
We're heading down to Washington, DC to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Saturday, and as such are missing out on a block party in our neighborhood. Our street has decided to do Halloween on Sat instead of Sunday, so we are going to miss out on seeing all those super cute kids in their little costumes. Also, no need to carve pumpkins, right? Although...I might just carve one for myself!

The Ugly:
We saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes the other night at the North Star Bar. Unfortunately, their sound was off the entire night (as in, I couldn't tell what the lead singer was even singing) and the crowd liked to shove people. I've got a pretty gnarly bruise on the top (!) of my foot. Ugh. The good about that? We were so close to the stage, I could read the setlist and see the sweat dripping off the band members. The bad about that? The skipped a TON of songs on the setlist, prolly because it was hot as hell in there and the sound sucked. Go figure.

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Randi said...

A) I would have pooped myself having prisoners follow me. Real or otherwise.
B) Say hi to John Stewart for me.
C) Sucks about the show, ho!