Friday, October 22, 2010

Model T Haiku Friday

Model Ts are tough
built to stand the test of time
still running even now.


They performed greatly,
even in snow, rain, wind and fog.
Climbing hills, on flats.


Faster than horse and
buggy or bike, but not much 
else, like buffalo.


As passengers, it
reminds you of olden time
how Grandma travelled.

Model Ts make you
acutely aware of all
changes in weather.


We appreciate
trees and hills for their help in
blocking wind and rain.


If you ever get
the chance, take a ride in a
T you won't forget!

Loading up in Teton Village and getting ready to head out!

1921 Model T Ford in the Grand Tetons.

Guess where the gas tank is? Under the front driver's seat! Also? No gas gauge or automatic shutoff, so Dad just has to watch for when the tank gets close to full. We got about 20mpg on the trip, which would have been better if not for the altitude and the inability to adjust the carburetor.

Thankfully, tarps kept the cars dry when it rained overnight. When it rained while we were driving? Well, not much we could do about that except for plastic blankets, raincoats and hats. Oh, and the brakes aren't so good in the rain, so we tried to avoid driving in it as much as we could.

Some (most) of the people on the trip were characters. This is Uncle with Bob, who has his closet in the back of his T!

The best part about traveling in the Model T was the frequent stops, and the closeness you feel with the environment around you. We could have literally reached out and touched tree branches and buffalo as we drove by, pretty unprotected, unlike in a modern car.

We only had one problem, which was one of the back tires clickety-clacking while we drove. It got pretty bumpy and uncomfortable, but we made it back to Jackson just fine. While we were stopped here, people actually pulled over to ask if we needed help. I've never met friendlier folks.


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