Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Numbers

  • This weekend, we went for two bike rides on the new road bike. We are lucky enough to live near West River Drive, which is a four lane road that goes through a part of Fairmount Park. Every weekend, both Sat and Sun, they close this road to cars, allowing anyone with bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. to head up and down this street all day long without cars. It's brilliant. I wish it would extend through the wintertime too. Anyways, we took the bikes out for about 10 miles each day, heading up and down this closed road. We stopped multiple times to adjust things on my bike, mainly my shifting and the seat. We travelled for a total of about 20 miles, which resulted in two very sore buttcheeks. Bet you wanted to know that.
  • I practiced my talk for our graduate group symposium approximately one hundred time. At least it felt like that.
  • Tried my first Sixpoint Pilsner, in honor of Coodence. We were lucky enough to find it on tap at The London Grill, a local restaurant. We enjoyed it while watching the Phils kill the Reds, 7-4. We're back in the NLCS again. For, I think the fourth time in four years? Can that be right?
  • Made two pie doughs. One resulted in a canadian bacon and Muenster quiche. I'm not sure what I'll do with the other one, but MAN was that quiche good. And easy too. Who knew?

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Randi said...

Quiche is the food of the gods.