Friday, October 8, 2010

Ode to the Family Haiku Friday

Waiting for dinner at this silly Western show place in Jackson.

Memories of our
trip to Yellowstone are at
the front of my mind.

Ha! The pig races. Literally!

Rainstorms, hail, freezing
wind, steep grades, flat lands, tons of
food, talk, beer, laughter.

Sharing our first Chocolate Malt at the Sweet Shoppe. As an aside, this lady who served up told us it's great to live in a small town. Her sister (who also works there) had a brain aneurysm and she rushed to be by her side. The town kept her business open by volunteers taking shifts and learning how to make the treats. They kept it open for 3 weeks while she cared for her sister. Pretty amazing, huh?

They may drive me nuts
but they're all mine and I'm stuck
with them forever.

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Randi said...

Love the pics(and the fam)!