Thursday, October 21, 2010


  • I am really loving the TV series Ghost Adventures. I'm not sure whether it's because its getting to be Halloween and Fall and "spooky", but this show just fascinates me from the beginning. As we don't have cable, I had no idea this show existed until we stumbled across it while watching TV during our vacation to Yellowstone. It follows Zak, Nick and Aaron as they are "locked down" in some purportedly haunted place overnight. They walk the areas with infrared cameras, essentially in the dark, and place static night vision cameras around the places to try to capture "ghosts". Now, I am not sure how real ghosts are, but man, do I love this show. It's shot in infrared, so it's already a little creepy. And every show, they have some sort of unexplained phenomena, such as cold spots, peaks in electromagnetic energy, unexplained sounds or voices, "shadow figures", or physical experiences, such as scratches or being touched. The guys are likable, if a bit dorky, and the whole setting is spooky and somewhat interesting, as they try to put historic spins on things. I literally cannot get enough of this show, and am pretty excited to discover Netflix has at least three seasons to instantly watch online. I've already gone through the first season, and have just started the second.
  • I had a great experience today at Breakaway Bikes on 19th and Chestnut. Remember the pedal Alex couldn't get off of my bike? Well, we walked it over to Breakway, and they got it off in less than 5 minutes, and put my new pedals on, no charge. I'm headed there for a fitting tomorrow, so they the guys all introduced themselves to me and were really nice. One of the guys there said he'd take me out for a ride after the fitting to help me get used to the whole clipless pedals thing, which seems super nice and cool. And? Apparently they train real athletes there, so he asked me what my "goals" are? learn how to ride a road bike and to be able to accompany Alex on long rides? Is that goal enough? Nope, he's trying to talk me into women- only triathlons. water = scary, but 7 mile bike rides are nothing....maybe I'll have to look into this...we'll see. The bike fitting was so awesome, too. Apparently, I have very long femurs (haha, that's when SHE said). Who knew? A ride this morning was really nice, although I'm using muscles I don't normally use on the road bike, so we'll see how this death march to Valley Forge on Saturday goes. Ugh.
  • The weather is so amazing right now. Except for some rain last night and this morning, I could not ask for more beautiful weather. Every year I forget how amazingly beautiful fall is, with the colorful trees, the chilly nights and warm, sunny days, and the anticipation of holidays and changing seasons. It's really, really lovely, and probably one of the things I will miss the most about PA.

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